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Pouring Sand


For the good of giving


In the narrative of our family businesses, community service has always sat at the forefront. Ben Rathbun, steering Rathbun Insurance into its third generation, and Lillian Werbin, steward of Elderly Instruments' second-generation legacy, often found themselves dreaming of a foundation that could genuinely touch lives.


Then, life threw us a curveball. On 8/21/21, we lost Ben's dad, E. Paul Rathbun II, to a sudden heart attack. Just two days later, amid the heaviness of grief, the For Good Foundation was born. It was our way of turning pain into purpose, honoring Paul's memory with actions that mattered to the community he loved.

Our mission is straightforward, much like ourselves—to gently inspire small acts of goodness. We're devoted to making a positive impact, one that may not steal the show but leaves a heartfelt warmth in people's hearts.


Paul’s spirit propels our journey. He embodied making a difference without seeking the spotlight. The For Good Foundation aims to honor his love for the community by quietly spreading kindness in meaningful ways.


We're not asking you to change the world overnight. We just want you to be inspired by our story and maybe do a little good in your corner of the world. Start with a smile, a kind word, or whatever feels right. And if you're up for it, you can support our mission financially or join hands with the organizations we're cheering for.


Together, through these small, genuine acts of kindness, we're weaving a tapestry of goodness that brightens lives one thread at a time.

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Pouring Sand
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