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Honoring Gregory Hurst's Legacy: The Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship

When I sat around the kitchen table listening to my dad speak about the insurance industry, I remember it always being about people. Building relationships. The impact that he was able to influence using the insurance industry as a vehicle.


In the heart of the insurance and risk management community, there exists an individual that encapsulates resilience, hope, and compassion. It's the story of Gregory Hurst, a remarkable human whose journey at The University of Olivet serves as an inspiration to all who hear it. Next week, I hope you’ll join me at the Breaking Barrier Dinner, empowering diversity by supporting the Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship.


Gregory's journey began at The University of Olivet, where he joined his close friend Gretchen Humphreys in pursuing an education in their renowned Insurance and Risk Management Program. Olivet, known for its excellence in insurance education became more than just an academic institution for Gregory; it was a place where his resilience and aspirations flourished. Despite facing the formidable challenge of cancer during his studies, Gregory's commitment to his education never faltered. His determination and strength of character, nurtured by Olivet's supportive environment, shone brightly amidst both academic pursuits and personal adversity.


After graduating from Olivet, Gregory embarked on his dream career in the insurance industry in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His enthusiasm for his work was palpable, reflecting the dreams he had nurtured throughout his academic journey. However, tragedy struck as Gregory faced the aggressive return of his cancer. Despite this devastating setback, his resilience remained unwavering, and his focus turned towards helping others. It was during his final days that the idea for The Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship took shape—a testament to his selflessness and desire to support future generations in their educational endeavors.


The Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship: A Legacy of Education and Opportunity


Envisioned by Gregory and brought to fruition by Gretchen, The Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship stands as a symbol of hope and opportunity for African-American students enrolled in Olivet's Insurance and Risk Management Program. With a fundraising goal of $50,000, the scholarship aims to provide perennial support to deserving students, reflecting Gregory's belief in the transformative power of education. Donations made towards this scholarship are currently being matched, doubling the impact of each contribution and bringing Gregory's dream closer to reality.


For those inspired by Gregory's story and eager to contribute to his legacy, the process is simple yet impactful. Visit the dedicated donation page for The Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship. Every donation, no matter the amount, plays a crucial role in honoring Gregory's memory and shaping the future of the insurance industry by investing in its next generation of leaders.


Gregory Hurst's life may have been brief, but his legacy is immeasurable. Through The Gregory Hurst Memorial Scholarship, his passion for helping others and his dedication to the insurance profession will continue to impact lives for years to come. As we reflect on his story, let us remember the power of resilience, hope, and compassion in shaping a brighter future for all.

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